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Vita E Plus

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    Reg. No. : V20919 (Act 36 of 1947)


    Supports The Preparation For & Recovery From Sport Effort



    VITA-E-PLUS is a food supplement which combines the antioxidant activity of the vitamins E and C, and Selenium; combined with Lysine, an essential amino acid, and including the benefits of vitamins B1 and B2.

    This product contains all the elements necessary, to aid in the prevention of nutritional myopathies in exercising horses. Feeding VITA-E-PLUS will also ensure that broodmares and stallions have sufficient levels of essential nutrients during the winter months for performance and fertility.

    When horses are exercised toxic chemicals (free radicals) are released into the muscle tissue. If they are not broken down, these chemicals are harmful to the body. This will impair a horse’s athletic performance if not prevented. Vita-E-Plus contains a concentrated source of natural antioxidants. Feeding Vita-E-Plus will allow horses in training, to maximise their athletic potential.

    Vita-E-Plus contains essential nutrients for broodmares and stallions. Nutritional deficiencies are common during the winter months, as in most instances winter forage does not provide adequate nutrition for high performance and fertility. Feeding Vita-E-Plus will ensure that breeding stock receive a concentrated source of important vitamins, with the additional benefit of the essential amino acid to fortify young growing stock.



    Horses in training: Feed 50g per day.

    Broodmares & stallions: Feed 50g per day.

    Weanlings & yearlings: Feed 50g every second day.

    Benefits of VITA-E-Plus:

    Horses in Training

    – Vitamin E and Vitamin C ‘block’ the formation of free radicals, the harmful by-products of exercise
    – Selenium is a component of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase which will destroy any free radicals that are formed.
    – Scientific research has found that feeding high levels of Vitamin E can improve endurance and track performances of horses due to their increased antioxidant activity.
    – It has been noted by many trainers that the supplementation of Vitamin B1 and B2 can help reduce ‘tying-up’ in fillies.
    – Many veterinarians and nutritionists recommend the oral supplementation of Vitamin E and Selenium in the treatment and prevention of nutritional myopathies such as ‘tying up’ syndrome.

     Breeding Stock

    – Many breeders have noted that supplementing antioxidant vitamins can help prepare broodmares and stallions for the early winter breedin season, as in most instances winter forage does not provide complete nutrition.
    – Supplementation with Vita-E-Plus will supply these important nutrients.
    – Researchers have reported that Vitamin E supplementation can enhance the immune response in adult horses and foals.
    – The inclusion of Lysine in Vita-E-Plus is essential for the nutritional needs of young growing stock.



    Composition: per 50g, per 1kg

    Vitamin E – 2,250iu per 50g, 45,000iu per 1kg

    Vitamin C – 2,000mg per 50g, 40,000mg per 1kg

    Selenium – 500mcg per 50g, 10mg per 1kg

    Vitamin B1 – 500mg per 50g, 10,000mg per 1kg

    Vitamin B2 – 100mg per 50g, 2,000mg per 1kg

    Lysine HCl – 10,000mg per 50g, 200,000mg per 1kg

    Excipient to 50g, 1kg



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